Hello Everyone.
My name is Brenda Kay also known as The Home Style Cook.  My family is from Missouri, so I was taught Southern & Country Style Cooking. I’m from Sanger, California ,

and have lived here all my life.  Went to grade school at Wilson, middle school at Washington, which it is not there any more, went to high school at Sanger High, and it isn’t there any more either.  Myself and two sisters and mother lived with my grandparents, most of our lives. My father left us so his mother & father took us in, he never claimed us, but we made it just fine.  I got married when I was 18 to the most wonderful man, for 45 years, he passed away in 2008,   had two daughters Staci and Shantal, and now I have 7 grandchildren, who I don’t know what I would do without. My mother and grandmother taught me how to cook like they always did,  and I was raised on it, and I always cook this way for my family. I might add a little bit more spices, to make it my own.  In my recipes I show you a lot of my families old home style  cooking, plus new recipes that I have put together to make them my own. I hope you will enjoy trying them out . They are  Oh So Good !  Please come by sometime I’m always here for supper ! 

Brenda Kay

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